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Ian Thomson

Landscape and Architectural Photographer

I retired some years ago and as a result gained the time and the opportunity to reignite a lifetime’s interest in photography. After forty years working as an architect, I chose to concentrate my energies on architectural photography.

Ian Thomson
Autumn Felling


Landscape Photography

I love watching the sun rise over the Scottish mountains or the English Lakes. I share my passion for Architectural Photography with a love of Landscape Photography. Unlike most people, I enjoy getting up in the dark, to capture those magical moments when the sun casts its first rays over the landscape. I try to capture that ethereal interrelationship between the light and the land, which is so transient at that time of the day.

Abstract Architectural Main Gallery Photography Lighting Panels


Architectural Photography

I look for the hidden aesthetic in buildings in order to produce images that are both original and artistic. “Record” photography shows you what you would have seen if you had visited the same building. Where possible, I prefer my photographs to try to show you something you might not have seen, had you been at the same location.

Harbour Breakwater


I was awarded the Platinum Excellence Distinction by FIAP the International Federation of Artistic Photography

  • Over fifty awards in International Salons
  • Gaudi Trophy – Salon Catalonia
  • Gold Medal – Salon Cubano
  • Gold Medal – Salon, Switzerland
  • Gold Medal – Sonar Bangla Salon, India
  • Gold Medal – Cork International Salon
  • Silver Medal – Oulu Salon, Finland

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